All classes are made of 8 people with 2 spots for double up classes. No more than 10 people will be able to participate in an given class. This will ensure that you always get the time you need to grow and build confidence. Most classes will not exceed 8.

Tuition is $200 for 4 classes (not per month). That comes out to $50 per class. There are no credits given for missed classes. If you miss a class you lose that class. However, missed classes can be made up by taking double up classes (2 classes) in a subsequent week. That means you cannot leave the classes and then pop in later for a free class. You must be a paid up, currently enrolled student to take a double up class. This policy is designed to ensure that you are moving forward as an actor and not just keeping up. If you know you are leaving town in the future, tell Billy in advance and don't pay for the class.

You can call or email but you must cancel using TimeTap when you are going to miss a class. Please give us a reason so we don't worry. If it is for a booking or audition we LOVE to know that. That is what we hope for. It's our favorite reason for missing class. Don't tell billy in class as he has about 150+ people in a week telling him things and, as you can imagine, it isn't all going to stick. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN OUT FOR A CLASS AND YOU DO NOT SHOW UP, you are responsible for the payment.

If you miss class and don't have sides for the following week: Just show up and I will give them to you at the door. This is something that happens in the business from time to time and it is a good test. DO NOT CALL ME AND ASK ME TO GIVE YOU SIDES. On and average week 10- 15 people will be out working a job, at an audition, spending time with Mom cause she flew in from Iowa, or puking their guts out. I assign sides out of sides books. I do not carry these books around with me (they're like 50 pounds). So they are almost always out of reach unless I'm in class. If I have to go get them from my car bring them in the house and try to match you with a set of sides.... multiply that by 15 and you have at least an hour taken up in my week, not being spent on prepping for class. If I have to do that I have to also raise tuition. So the solution is don't call me and ask me for sides.

Scheduling Make Up Classes
To schedule a double up class you must schedule using TimeTap in advance to secure a spot in the new class. This will ensure that the class has not had any last minute changes.

Class Notices
Make sure that WCI has your current phone numbers and Email address in TimeTap. This is so you can be contacted for casting reasons or on occasion Billy will have to cancel classes for Industry related work. He's in the trenches and bringing the experience back to you. These should be minimal but we need to be able to reach you on short notice so keep us up to date. There also may be an occasion where a suitable industry substitute may teach in Billy's place. This will be rare as well but may be unannounced.

In order to put WCI on your resume you must complete a minimum of 2 sessions(8 weeks). You may list it as follows: WCI Studios (William Cowart, any guest teacher, see #4) Dramatic Technique, Sit-Com Technique, On- Camera Audition, Cold Reading, Scene Study, Improv, Commercials. List the items to the right after you have taken a class pertaining to them. Eventually you will have a class on all of them.

Always run your career as a business. That means be early (on Time is Late!), listen to your agent, follow the instructions of casting directors (Read the material at the sign in), don't let your ego get in your way, be prepared, earn the right to be at the audition, keep the people that represent you up to date with your materials(Headshots, demo reels, new telephone numbers and addresses, book out, book out, book out! If you run your career as a pro you will be treated like one. A good place to start, is in class!

If you happen to have my cell phone number please don't call it unless it's an emergency. If you want to tell me that you can't come to class you call (310) 230-5358 for LA or (619) 564-4250 for San Diego. Those are the WCI Studios lines. Every time my cell phone rings I jump because that's the emergency line. Examples of emergencies: "I am at an audition for a lead in a feature film and I'm having a panic attack!" Or "I can't find my audition what do I do?" "I'm on the set and the director just asked me to take my top off! What do I do?!" I dare you to find any acting coach anywhere that would allow students to have his or her cell phone because it means he can never leave work. I have allowed it because I want so badly to help you shine. Please use it sparingly so I don't have another fake heart attack.

WCI Studios reserves the right to refuse a spot or ask a student to leave the studio for any reason. Any unused classes will be reimbursed but double up classes will not be credited or reimbursed.

*All prices are subject to change.